There are a number of topics I have been wanting to blog about for ages, but I never get around to it. Some because I just don’t have had the time or the right priorities to get it written, some because it would actually require a lot of research to be a reasonable blog post. So let me just mention them for future reference or for if anyone knows about any existing ideas / publications / etc. that are relevant. The second one is:

One consequence of more open borders would be a collapse of the welfare state as we know it. So one thing I have always wanted to spend more ttime thinking about, but never get around to, is how structures similar to the welfare state could function without strict delineation of nation, state, or citizenship. Various vague ideas exist in my head, but nothing concrete. Perhaps KickStarter is an example of a small step in the right direction. The Indonesian phenomenon of an arisan also provides a hint. Perhaps an online community with membership fees, which are distributed to members who need it, with their need evaluated on the basis of a plee, which is evaluated by the crowd of members, with a maximum pay-out per person per time period, the rest being saved as a provision for future problematic cases – if you still follow me. In any case, some kind of system that is based on voluntarism, that cannot run into deficit by design, and that contains some incentives to join and pay.

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