Johan A. Elkink

Data Analytics for the Social Sciences

POL 30430 Data Analytics for the Social Sciences

Thursday, 9-11 am, lab G5, Daedalus Building.


R can be downloaded for free here. A handy overview of R regression commands can be found here: reference card for regression. A more general one for R is here: short reference card. The Google R Style guide provides suggestions for writing clear code.

You should also install RStudio, after installing R.

1 23/1 Introduction slides lab output markdown cheat sheet | videos: markdown | importing Excel | using packages
2 30/1 Distributions and descriptive statistics slides lab output
3 6/2 Comparing through visualisation slides lab output Top 50 ggplot examples | data preparation script
4 13/2 Linear regression slides lab output videos: merging
5 20/2 Logistic regression slides lab output
6 5/3 Trees and forests slides lab output lecture: trees | forests | project 2
7 26/3 Geography and networks slides demo
8 2/4 Cluster analysis slides lab output lecture: intro | kmeans | hierarchical | dissimilarity | speeches
9 9/4 Principal components and multidimensional scaling slides lab output
10 16/4 Wordscores slides lab output
11 23/4 Topic models slides lab output