Johan A. Dornschneider-Elkink

Programming for Social Scientists

POL 42340 Programming for Social Scientists

Friday, 11-13 am, QUI-010 (and on Zoom); continuously on Slack


Overview of all the main Python code you will learn during this course: Python commands

Repository for the main project: ucd-prog-2021 on Github

Replit access to main project: ucd-prog-2021 on ReplIt

1 17/9 Introduction homework Videos: what is programming? | our simulation model | using git
Software (optional): Python | Visual Studio Code | git
2 24/9 Variables and functions homework Videos: variables and functions | random numbers
3 1/10 Conditionals and flow homework Videos: conditional expressions
4 8/10 Loops and lists homework Videos: lists | dictionaries | loops
5 15/10 Working with text homework Videos: strings and user input
External links: string functions | formatters
6 22/10 Classes and objects homework Videos: object-oriented programming
7 29/10 homework
8 5/11 (continued)
9 12/11 (no class, but group clinics) (continued)
10 19/11 Files, input and output homework Videos: working with files
11 26/11 homework
12 3/12 Exception handling homework Videos: exceptions