Johan A. Elkink

Introduction to Statistics

POL 40950 Introduction to Statistics

Lecture: Monday, 1-2 pm, room Q014, Quinn Business School.
Lab: Monday, 2-3 pm, room Q5, Daedalus Building.

All information about the course can be found in the syllabus.

For R users, the Google R Style guide might be useful.

1. Accessing and visualising data slides lab output video on RMarkdown
video on file.choose() in R
video on levels of measurement
2. Descriptive statistics slides lab output note on preparing homeworks
lecture example code
3. Simple regression slides lab output homework video on reading slopes
lecture example code
4. Multiple regression slides lab output note on using logs
5. Multiple regression: categorical independent variables slides lab output homework note on dummy variables
6. Writing up regression results slides (work on homework) note on regression tables
7. Multiple regression: interaction effects slides lab output
8. Sampling distribution and Central Limit Theorem slides (work on homework) homework video on sampling distributions
homework data preparation script
9. Hypothesis tests and confidence intervals slides lab output video on standardizing variables
Z-table (by Demetris Athienitis)
T-table (by Demetris Athienitis)
10. Multiple regression: diagnostics and model fit slides lab output
11. Multiple regression: categorical dependent variables slides lab output homework