written by: jos

I have a separate page with numerous interesting links with regards to statistics, statistical software, data sets, and research methods.

School of Politics and International Relations (UCD)

democratization (MA), Spring 2011

introduction to statistics (MSc), Autumn 2015
descriptive statistics (MSc), Autumn 2014
inferential statistics (MSc), Autumn 2014
descriptive statistics (MSc), Autumn 2013
inferential statistics (MSc), Autumn 2013
descriptive statistics (MSc), Spring 2013
inferential statistics (MSc), Spring 2013
descriptive statistics (MSc), Spring 2012
inferential statistics (MSc), Spring 2012
introduction to statistics (PhD), Autumn 2008
research methodology (MA / PhD), Autumn 2007

introductory quantitative methods (PhD), Autumn 2014

advanced quantitative methods (PhD), Spring 2014
advanced quantitative methods (PhD), Spring 2013
advanced quantitative methods (PhD), Spring 2012
advanced quantitative methods (PhD), Spring 2011
advanced quantitative methods (PhD), Spring 2010

approaches to analysing politics (UG), Spring 2010
approaches to analysing politics (UG), Spring 2009
approaches to analysing politics (UG), Spring 2008

research design (PhD), Autumn 2015
research design (PhD), Autumn 2013
research design (PhD), Autumn 2009
research design (PhD), Autumn 2008

research design (MA), Spring 2009
research design (MA), Spring 2008

College of Social Sciences and Law Graduate School (UCD)

advanced quantitative methods (PhD), Autumn 2008
advanced quantitative methods (PhD), Spring 2008

social science methodology (PhD), Spring 2016
research design (PhD), Spring 2015
research design (PhD), Spring 2014
research design (PhD), Spring 2013
research design (PhD), Spring 2012
research design (PhD), Spring 2011
research design (PhD), Spring 2010
foundations of scientific enquiry (PhD), Fall 2008