Johan A. Elkink

Quantitative Methods I

POL 50070 Quantitative Methods I

Lecture: Monday, 1-2 pm, room Q014, Quinn Business School.
Lab: Monday, 2-3 pm, room Q5, Daedalus Building.
PhD Seminar: Monday, 3-4 pm, room G317, Newman Building.

Note that lectures are jointly with the Master's level Introduction to Statistics module. The main lecture slides and homeworks are on that course page. Here only some weeks will contain slides, when a separate seminar for PhD students takes place.

All information about the course can be found in the syllabus.

The Google R Style guide might be useful.

Accessing and visualising data
Descriptive statistics
Simple regression
Multiple regression Statistics and causal inference slides
Multiple regression: categorical independent variables
Writing up regression results Presentation of course paper topics
Multiple regression: interaction effects Statistics and decision analysis slides
Sampling distribution and Central Limit Theorem Frequentist reasoning slides homework
Hypothesis tests and confidence intervals Bayesian reasoning slides
Multiple regression: diagnostics and model fit Presentation of course paper analysis I
Multiple regression: categorical dependent variables Presentation of course paper analysis II homework