Johan A. Elkink

Advanced Quantitative Methods

POL 50050 PhD Quantitative Methods II

Tuesday, 9-11 am, room C122, Health Sciences Building (building 26 on the campus map).


For this course, we use the statistical package R, which can be downloaded for free here. A handy overview of R regression commands can be found here: reference card for regression. A more general one for R is here: short reference card.

Please make sure to install the following packages prior to the second lecture of the course:
faraway, arm, lmtest, tseries, ape, MASS, plm, and pcse. You should also make sure you have the data files on your laptop.

Here is an interesting list of statistics blogs.

It is generally advisable to bring electronic copies of slides and lecture notes (where applicable) to the class. I would recommend not to print the slides, however, since these are large files.

Lecture 1 Mathematics review slides notes
Lecture 2 Statistical estimators slides notes homework
Lecture 3 Ordinary Least Squares slides
Lecture 4 Hypothesis testing slides homework
Lecture 5 Specification, multicollinearity and heteroscedasticity slides notes
Lecture 6 Autocorrelation slides homework
Lecture 7 Time-series analysis slides
Lecture 8 Maximum Likelihood slides homework
Lecture 9 Limited dependent variables slides
Lecture 10 Bootstrap and simulation slides notes homework
Lecture 11 Multilevel data slides
Lecture 12 Panel data slides homework